Shadi Kandil

April 27, 2020

Shadi is a seasoned chief executive officer, with over 2 decades of experience at the helm of leading organizations in the marketing services sector. He is a transformational leader with demonstrated strength in championing organizational redesign to promote long- term growth. 

He is currently serving as the CEO of MENAT, MEDIABRANDS – IPG’s media holding company. In this role, he is spearheading the group’s digital transformation journey and the evolution of its offering to lead in the age of data analytics and technology. 

Before joining MEDIABRANDS, Shadi served as a Board member for the Montreal-based analytics startup SEMEON. As chair of the board’s strategic planning committee, he led several rounds of fund-raising activities, co-authored pitch decks, funding term sheets and setting-up governance protocols. At Centennial college, he led the college’s successful bid with the ministry of education to launch Ontario’s first-ever graduate certificate program focused on digital marketing, transformation and the evolution of programmatic trading. 

His approach to leadership is one that embraces collaboration and openness. His practice is founded on the basis of meritocracy, institutionalizing equity and leading with integrity and authenticity. 

He considers himself a lifelong learner, committed to the pursuit of knowledge to stay relevant. His passion for giving back prompted his teaching assignment at Ontario’s Centennial college, while volunteering on the board of two charities focused on enhancing Youth mental health and providing technology access to disenfranchised communities.