IAB MENA CTV landscape and ecosystem

Posted on: Thursday 3 November 2022 | IAB MENA

For the first time in MENA, the IAB’s CTV Task Force has produced a landscape of the current OTT and CTV ecosystem with the support of Yann Colléter from the Streaming Lab and SAAND. The landscape highlights the significant opportunity that OTT and CTV provides both for consumer choice and as a potential advertising vehicle. With over 50 OTT services across MENA and as many as 17 providing advertising opportunities, while 13 have CTV apps, of which 7 offer advertising, it is already becoming a channel to seriously consider. Today, there is limited inventory and few programmatic opportunities, but as it scales in the region, the growth of inventory and more programmatic options will likely accelerate its growth.

Below you can download the report and view the recording of the webinar discussing it.

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