Committee Chair Nomination Form

Interested candidates in the position of Committee Chair, for the 2-year term 2022-2024, are invited to complete the online form below in order to assist the Board Members make an informed decision on the nomination. For more information, contact us at


  • Make sure that the Board Member and Board Representative Form has been completed and submitted before continuing with this application.
  • Board Members standing for election for Committee Chair must have read the Committee Chair Nomination Pack, the IAB GCC Governance Framework and sign the declaration below. Only online submitted forms will be considered during the establishment of the nomination list.
  • The vote will be conducted as per the voting regulations outlined the IAB GCC Governance Framework.
  • More details on expectations and responsibilities can be found here.
  • Saving a draft of this form to be finished, reviewed and/or submitted later is not supported. We recommend preparing the answers before starting to complete the form.
  • Should you wish to make amendments after submission, complete and submit the form again. The last submission will be considered valid.

Nomination Deadline:

On or before 5:00 pm, Tuesday, March 22, 2022 for current members

On or before 5:00 pm, Monday, March 7, 2022 for new members

I, the undersigned and duly nominated representative to the Board, wish to nominate myself to stand for election for Committee Chair for a two-year term 2022 to 2024 to one of the selected below committees.

GA: Committee Chair Nomination Form

Candidate Identification


Committee Selection & Candidate's Vision

First Choice
max 200 words


Second Choice
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More information on the Committee Chair Roles and Responsibilities can be found here.



The form should be signed by the Board Member Representative as nominated by the member company.
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